Check this page for updates on our "$0.00" project.

Call for submissions currently open.

$0.00 is a semiannual free science fiction comic about a post-scarcity economy. The first issue will be an edition of 300, printed in black and kelly green with a Risograph MZ 990 duplicator on “fancy” French Paper Company Dur-O-Tone 50T Newsprint. Each issue will contain a 12 page story, with a cover image drawn by the featured artist. The book itself is 6”x9”, printed with a full-bleed, and will have rounded corners.

Issue 1 Submission Guidelines

Submissions for $0.00 should follow these guidelines:

  1. Your submission takes place in the theoretical “real world” where you have to abide by the laws of physics. For example: If you fall from a great hight, you die. An exception to this rule is a plot device. You can theorize on future technologies, medical advances, mutations, explorations, etc. For example: If one of the pioneering advances that allowed this post-scarcity economy is a perpetual motion machine, it is okay to make one up.
  2. The stories will be additive but not in the same storyline. They will all exist in the same “universe”. We will work with you to make sure the selected submissions do not contradict one another. The idea is to build a world together, and view it from various lenses.
  3. We want to showcase different moods, viewpoints, drawing styles, and narrative types. There will be utopian and dystopian angles to this world, some hopeful, some bleak. You are encouraged to write your story the way you want.
  4. Your submission should take place after the third industrial revolution. You can choose to elaborate on what that event was, but you don't have to. As this is the first issue you don’t have to worry too much about the world being too defined. Feel free to add as much context as you need.

Submission Details

Submissions are on-going and I will reach out to you if your idea is selected for an issue. Submit your idea here. You don’t have to draw anything yet, just provide a description of your comic and some examples of your previous comics work.