Really Easy Press is a small studio and publisher located in the Central District of Seattle, Washington operated by Erik and Christine Schneider Gutierrez. We make all sorts of things, but focus on comics, art prints and illustration zines.

We print almost entirely on a Risograph MZ990 Digital Duplicator. Risograph printing a unique printing process best explained by other people. We currently stock black, blue, green, yellow, bright red, orange, fluorescent pink, and mahogany inks.


We offer publishing for science fiction, adventure, fantasy, horror and other "genre" comics and illustration zines. We love publishing things that are concrete original ideas, like themed zines, standalone or serialized stories, and collections of related vignettes/strips. Submissions will be selected based on their fit for Really Easy Press, as well as our availability to print. (It's just the two of us!)

If you've ever wanted to publish a comic or zine (especially Risograph), but have been hesitant because you didn't know where to begin or were nervous about the investment, you should submit an idea. We will help you make it a reality and teach you more about layout, printing, and bookmaking along the way.

Submit an idea for a book here.
You don't need anything drawn yet; just an idea and a few examples of your work.

We want our catalog to have a uniform look across titles. Books must meet the following requirements:
Size: 4x6, 5x7.5, or 6x9 (all 2:3) w/rounded corners
Color: Up to 4 Risograph colors throughout.
Paper: Whatever color you want. We typically order from French Paper Company, a family-owned hydro-electric-powered mill in Michigan. We also carry a stock of white text and cover weight paper.
Edition: 100 - 300 (We will work out a publisher/artist split that is in your favor. We just want to make sure we can make back printing costs.)
Pages: 12-48pg (Not including covers), full bleed throughout
Covers: Laminated with a "soft-touch" matte laminate so they feel nice and don't smear ink
Attribution: Please include the Really Easy Press logo and website somewhere on your back or inside covers.

If you are interested in having us publish something that differs from this, email erik(dot)schneider41(at)gmail(dot)com with details about your project.


In addition to publishing, we put together Token, an event that brings together local artists, record labels, and game makers to exhibit their work.